The most effective essential oils to target specific areas of your concerns for optimal and fast relief.   Proven to medicinally work in ancient and modern day.  


Our proprietary blend of the following essential oil has been proven to help with the blues cause by the seasons or everyday life challenges.


Black Pepper : Has the properties to reduce stress and anxiety, stress and relieve negative effects. It can stimulate the brain effectively and allows it to produce the positive by providing relaxant chemicals. As because of relaxant and anti depressant, it falls under the category of best essential oil for anxiety, stress, sleeping problems and depression.


Grapefruit: The smell of grapefruit is uplifting, soothing and clarifying. It’s known to relieve stress and bring on feelings of peace and relaxation. Inhaling grapefruit vapors can quickly and directly transmit messages to your brain region involved in controlling emotional responses.


Jasmine: This aroma of jasmine essential oil has a pleasing and uplifting effect on the mind and it actively fights depression. This makes a person feel happy and potentially awakens romantic and poetic feelings, just as it has done in literary and musical history! The aromatic effect of jasmine oil stimulates the release of certain hormones in the body, including serotonin, which results in the boost of energy and the uplifted mood.



Our oils are blended and safe to use directly on skin (for people of all ages) or in a diffuser. 

Choose one or more essential oil from the list  below that coincide with your present issue.


Recomended uses: 

Diffuser:  Add 2-4 drops of one or a blend of two essential oils – into the water well of diffuser. 

On Skin:  Take 2-4 drops of one or a blend of two essential oils and apply directly to either the neck, the top of the head, chest, forehead, abdomen, arms and legs for during the day when awaken or before school – you can use a different essential oil for each area of the body.  Apply to the bottom of the feet at night before bed is the most effective.  


These essential oils work almost immediately absorbing into the bloodstream within 30 seconds and into circulation throughout the entire body in about 30 minutes.  Essential oils are most effective if used two to three times per day, at least in the beginning, them possible only needing them once per day later on.  Use good judgement at all times. 


Some only need application as needed, some need more often.  Either or, are extremely safe.   If you or your child breaks out into a rash from one or more essential oil, discontinue use. (they most likely have a sensitivity to that specific oil)


NOTE: ALWAYS KEEP ESSENTIAL OILS IN GLASS. If they are put into a plastic cup they will pull out the toxins from the plastic and them the oils will contain them.  DO NOT INGEST THESE OILS.  


Essential oils have the ability to stimulate the limbic portion of the brain.  The limbic brain is directly connected to the sense of smell which ties it into hormonal and emotional centers. Essential oils also have the keen ability to cross the blood brain barrier. They contain something called terpenes with cleanse receptor sites, reprogram the DNA at a cellular level, and deprogram miswritten codes of the DNA.


Jasmine, Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Jojoba Oil -  10 ml dropper bottle - Vegan 



Winter Blues Essential Oil Blend

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