Much like Willy Wonka, all our best kept secrets are locked behind closed doors. But you don’t have to buy a thousand Wonka Bars to find the all-access Golden Ticket. Instead, we’re starting a new series here on our blog called: A Peek Behind The Curtain. We’ll be happily providing you a peek into all our behind the scenes fun and the day-to-day that takes place here at GSL Organics.

We thought a good place to start would be how we make everything fresh, in house, and in small batches! You will never receive a product that has been sitting around in some warehouse for months on end. In addition to providing the freshest products to our customers, it also allows for customization without a long wait time.

Every week we replenish our stock of all natural and organic products. Everything is handmade, carefully following our detailed recipes to ensure you receive the same product every time you order. Our production staff hand blends and hand blends every single product. They follow a strict guideline to ensure safe handling and products are tested for quality.

Do mistakes happen? Of course; we’re all human after all! However, we never want you to be unhappy with a product you received. If there is ever an issue just contact us and we’ll fix the issue immediately!

Some of our products are never made until the moment you order, while other times we replenish our most popular sellers weekly. For example, our After Shower Extra Moisturizing Cream is our most popular product that we sell. We make it every single week, at least twice a week, but there are times when we are making it every single day!

Our production staff love making every single product that goes out to our customer, and we hope you enjoy the love that goes into every single GSL product. We strive to create the best products made with organic and all-natural ingredients. Delivering you fresh, clean skincare to each and every one of our customers.

What Peek Behind The Curtain do you want to know about next? Let us know and we’ll continue bringing you a behind the scenes look into GSL and the people that work here.

Send an email to candy@greenstreetlux.com

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