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Small Batch Benefits

When looking for skincare and beauty products, many often shy away from natural, small batch products because of their price. Most of us are on a budget and we are always looking for better deals and good ways to save money. In skincare, what seems to be more affordable or cheaper is a good sign that these products are worse. Your skin is the way you present yourself to the world which helps build confidence. It is important to take care of your skin, every inch of it.

We all know that when you purchase more affordable or cheaper products, they are using cheaper or harmful ingredients and are less effective, or may cause skin irritations. Just as eating fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market is much better for your body than eating canned vegetables. Natural and organic products made in small batches are much better for your skin. The FDA does not ban most toxins from cosmetic products. This means some of the cosmetic products you are presently using can be dangerous. On the other hand, the ingredients used in many small batch skincare brands, like GSL Organics, are also vegan/vegetarian friendly with organic and natural/raw plant base ingredients. Making our products less harmful to you, to the earth, and to the environment.

Large brands with high demand often make their products in very large batches to cut production costs. Bulk production will also allow producers to sell at a lower price. Producing in large batches means that finished products will often have spend months or years on shelves before they reach a consumer. This also means large-batch producers have to use additional (most likely harmful) preservatives to make their products last longer. These harmful preservatives are often unnatural, can be detrimental to your health, body and skin. These harmful preservatives are known to dilute the active ingredients in the product. In small batch skincare, smaller batches are made often–allowing the products to always be fresh, natural, and give the highest benefit for the good of your skin and wellness.

Most importantly, small batch skincare production also makes the producers more in touch with their products. At GSL Organics we hand mix, packaged and label all of our products in our workshop at our farmhouse. In large manufacturing, assembly lines, machines, and dozens of people assemble products following an unchanging recipe–they each do their part without thinking about it or its effect on the final product. At GSL Organics we are passionate about each of our products and know exactly what goes into all our products. We get our natural and organic ingredients from trustworthy sources to ensure that they are the best quality. Candy, a certified Aroma Therapist, knows the benefits of each of her products. She is always available to answer questions, make recommendations, and give advice on using her products, because she knows exactly how they are made.

Another benefit of small batch is that they don’t go through commercial transportation, sitting in hot storage and being exposed to extreme temperatures. We make many of our products weekly and keep them in temperature controlled environment and protected spaces. Some are also kept in the refrigerator to ensure the freshness of the products when they get to your hands.

Small batch production also allows producers more flexibility and creativity. At GSL, this allows Candy to be generous with essential or new ingredients for the ultimate benefits for us and our customers. We make our seasonal products per ordered, just like ordering your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant. This brings our customers the freshest products usual within 1-3 days of mixing, blending, packaging and delivered to you. Little and simply modifications that are only possible in a small batch production company, all in the consumers best interest, allowing our products to get better and better.

When looking for a new product to add into your skincare routine, consider buying from small batch companies for the best products for your skin! It might be more expensive, but you're purchasing products that are safe, healthy, and effective. Small batch companies are like gems–precious and hard to find–so stick to them!

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